eBay's new ShopBot on Facebook Messenger
eBay’s new ShopBot on Facebook Messenger

The move for AI-enabled personal shopping assistants is heating up, with eBay the latest to join the chatbot movement.

Debuting on Facebook Messenger in beta at this stage, the ShopBot, as it’s called, is a new commerce experience that combines AI (or artificial intelligence), cloud computing and human judgment.

Says eBay’s chief product officer, RJ Pittman, about the announcement: “With more selection available to online shoppers than ever before, finding items that are perfect for you and your budget can be time consuming. At eBay, our focus is to help shoppers find their version of perfect and simplify the shopping experience.”

The conversational nature of the bot is designed to make it feel like you’re talking to a friend; one that can quickly sift through the enormous amount of inventory on the site, and one that can do so contextually in ways that search can’t.

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