Models Blanca Padilla, Isabeli Fontana and Ana Beatriz Barros pose with Alice Temperley in the three exclusive Temperley London “see-now, buy-now” pieces available only on Vero

Temperley London teamed up with social app Vero to make three of its looks shoppable during this season’s London Fashion Week show.

A printed dress, embellished jumpsuit and embroidered top launched exclusively on the platform following last night’s event. The move makes Temperley London one of the first to tie together the idea of see-now, buy-now as a fashion week strategy together with the trend for social commerce. (Others including Burberry are selling pieces immediately on channels like WeChat).

Vero is an app designed with a relationship-first mentality. Temperley London originally partnered with it last season to take advantage of the fact it enables users to share different content to different audiences. As suggested then, Vero was planning to enable its content to be shoppable with the introduction of an in-app buy button using Apple Pay.

Said Ayman Hariri, co-founder and CEO of Vero, at the time: “Brands have taken to social networks to broadcast, communicate and connect with their fans. We felt it’s a natural place for consumers to also be able to action immediately what they see. [With our buy button], when the brand decides to sell something, they can provide the capability and convenience of doing so there and then. We’re making content actionable and purchasable, rather than just an image of a product.”

Of this latest campaign, he said: “Offering people new ways of discovering more from trusted brands and artists in an advertising free environment is a big part of what we’re trying to achieve with Vero.”

The aim of Vero is to connect brands, influencers, and their fans in meaningful ways so as to emulate real-life connections. Users have total control of what content they share and with whom. The new ‘Buy-Now’ feature enables fans to purchase items directly from their feed seamlessly and naturally.

Alice Temperley told WWD: “See-now, buy-now [will never be] tangible for certain brands that are more artisanal. You can’t just be sitting on thousands of gowns that are worth over a grand, because that’s not the nature of our business. To be able to offer something, a taste of what’s coming, is really nice. What we’ve done is picked something that’s very evening and glamorous and sequined and then a day dress and then an embroidered top. If they like the brand and are excited for the show, they can take something away there on the day.”