Hololens Martine Jarlgaard London
Martine Jarlgaard London will show her collection at London Fashion Week using Hololens mixed reality (Image: Brendan Freeman)

For guests who walk into the Martine Jarlgaard London show during London Fashion Week (LFW) this weekend, they won’t be met by a typical runway setup, but rather an empty space.

Or that’s how it will look to anyone peering in. Five individuals at a time will otherwise be wearing Hololens, Microsoft’s mixed reality headsets, to see the full spring/summer 2017 collection coming to life in the form of holograms in front of them.

This first expression of mixed reality during fashion week is an aim to reimagine the catwalk show; challenging what it consists of by removing the barrier between the physical location and the audience.

Unlike with virtual reality, which isolates you from the environment you are in and instead transports you to another when you have the headset on, this technology superimposes the holograms on top of your natural surrounds. In other words, you can still see the room and the people around you, enabling you to move about freely and explore the collection from all angles while it appears solid, real and lifelike before your eyes.

The project is the result of a partnership between Jarlgaard, the Fashion Innovation Agency at London College of Fashion and Hololens developers and 3D capturing company, DoubleMe. Head over to Forbes to find out more about it, hear directly from Jarlgaard on what she’s aiming to achieve, and the big impact mixed reality is likely to have on the fashion industry in the future.

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