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True Religion hits London’s Carnaby Street with tech-enabled store

True Religion has opened the first of a new series of tech-enabled stores on London’s Carnaby Street, setting the template for future rollouts, heading next to New Orleans.

true religion carnaby street

If you’re in London over the next few days, get down to Carnaby Street because True Religion, the premium Californian jeans brand, is launching its first international flagship at the same time as unveiling a new UK e-commerce site.

The company says it’s a first for Carnaby Street as it’s fully tech-enabled and will set the template for its future stores. It’s opening another one in New Orleans later this month.

The store covers only 2,505 sq ft and carries less stock than the average jeans store. Instead it uses tech to connect customers with wherever in the world the stock happens to be and (presumably) gets it to where the customer wants it pretty fast.

The True Religion staff are using iPads and there are touchscreens for customers to use so it’s really taking the omnichannel message to heart.

Sounds like it’ll be a good addition to Carnaby Street and part of the gentrification of the area. Carnaby has gone from 60s trendiness to down-at-heel tat in the 70s, to a sports shoe destination and more recently a jeans and casualwear destination too. But it’s not been known for its tech focus. Maybe this is the start of a trend.

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