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Asos relaunches members-only platform as mobile-first, focused on education


Asos HQ dispatched 1,300 shiny parcels last week and it had absolutely nothing to do with Christmas. The free gifts were instead part of a campaign to celebrate the relaunch of Access All Asos.

#AccessAllAsos, as it’s known, is a members-only platform where the UK-headquartered e-commerce site communicates and collaborates with a small selection of brand advocates. These “insiders” (including bloggers Laila Daho, Olivia Purvis and Robin James) get things like early access to new product and invites to brand events. In return, they inevitably provide thoughts and feedback to the company, as well as share all things Asos with their own growing fanbases.

While decreased activity in the program of late suggested the e-tailer was intending to abandon it, it turns out it was instead undergoing a dramatic makeover.

Central to those plans is its relaunch initially as a mobile-only platform, which is testament to its commitment to developing and expanding its mobile offering, and evidence of the intended millennial userbase. Unsurprisingly, a core part of the Asos strategy going forward is “to offer a totally optimised digital experience on any device”.


Collaboration remains a key part of the all-new #AccessAllAsos but there’s also a distinct shift towards education. The University of Asos has been introduced, which aims to give users “the tools you need to grow your media savvy”. Rather than inspiring influencers and ambassadors with the standard freebies, this is about offering its loyal members the opportunities to gain new skills as well as exposure around building their own businesses.

This change of direction was also reflected in the selection of gifts Asos sent out in those shiny parcels, including new notebooks, pencil sets and a book on how to speak emoji.

Watch this space for further news: a spokesperson at Asos told us to expect a lot more with the initiative in 2016.

Images via @phasesofrobyn and @leebenecke

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