Lyst Ad- Pointless

Fashion e-commerce platform Lyst has launched its first-ever ad campaign, cleverly tying data insights into a provocative series of images.

An irreverent take on traditional fashion advertising, it sees glossy high-production model shots teamed with overlaid phrases pulled from intelligence in the site’s search terms.

“Pointless” and “Rip Off” are just some of the unexpected headlines. They in turn refer to ideas like the six-fold increase of shoppers searching Lyst for Velcro shoes, or the growth in square and round-toe shoe sales.


There are 10 images in total, each of them shot by British fashion photographer Charlotte Wales. Other tongue-in-cheek taglines include “Bell End”, “Get High” and “On Your Knees New York”, relating to kick-flare trousers, high-waisted skirts and over-the-knee boots.

Chris Morton, CEO and co-founder of Lyst, said: “Our success to date has been driven by marrying insights from data science with the emotional nature of fashion. The campaign is a manifestation of this; in it these two worlds are combined in a seemingly dissonant form, celebrating the power of beautiful fashion imagery and the intelligent insights into the fashion consumer’s behavior. As a challenger brand we wanted to ensure our marketing was as disruptive as our product.”

Though an online-only brand, the campaign, which was executed with creative agency Anomaly, will appear in “real life” on billboards and wild postering in both New York and London over the next month, as well as in print, on taxi wraps and through some experiential street marketing.

Lyst Ad- On Your Knees

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