The Kooples has released a social networking app designed for one-on-one communications. Called Blackout, the app is created with lovers in mind, enabling them to privately stay in touch whenever they’re away from each other.

Don’t think Tinder however, for this is no dating alternative. Deemed the “smallest social network”, users can literally only add one person to chat to. The aim is to facilitate existing relationships rather than help people find new ones.

In order to further do so, the app can also be set to “blackout mode” when a couple is together in person, stopping all other calls, texts, notifications or irritating distractions reaching their phones.

“[It] encourages couples to stay together like nothing else mattered,” reads the write-up.

Pictures can also be sent on the app, and are stylishly done so in black and white, unless the user chooses “glitch picture mode”, which means some of the image is distorted. In a playful twist, the recipient partner then has to guess what is hidden. There’s a live couple timer that counts every second of a relationship since it began too.

Check out the ad above launching the Blackout app, and the how-to video below, a particularly entertaining demonstration of everything you can do on it.