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Björn Borg launches ‘love’-themed game, parodies Apple keynote for release

FPL_Kiss gun in game

Swedish sports fashion brand Björn Borg it set to unveil its latest collection through a web-based game, and has released a trailer that parodies keynotes made by the likes of Apple to introduce it.

Fist Person Lover, as it’s called, is a take on the typical first person shooter game; but this time based on battling evil forces using the power of love.

It consists of 30 minutes of game play in three levels, with “weapons” available including a handgun that fires holographic kisses and an automatic rifle that fires 50 heart-shaped soap bubbles in less than five seconds.

FPL_The Kiss gun
FPL_Bubble blaster

As announced in the spoof keynote (below), The Kiss Gun, as the former is named, is made entirely of rose gold. “It has a revolutionising 3D holographic firing system. We’ve spent hours and hours fine-tuning the recoil. Beautiful, right?” says the presenter.

The game also allows players to shop the collection through an in-game shopping mall.

It was created with Isbit Games and gaming star Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund, and will launch on January 28 via

By Rachel Arthur

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