Burberry has launched a Twitter-based personalised gift advice service just in time for the holiday season using the hashtag #BurberryGifts.

Users can tweet for suggestions on what to buy and in doing so access a 24-hour team of customer service staff at the brand on hand to respond to each request individually.

Most questions are immediately being replied to with: “We have some amazing gift options. Can you tell me a little about the recipient, and if you already have anything in mind?” From which followers are sending more detail in order to help direct the ideas.

“[My mum] lives in a warm climate and is an avid golfer,” says one. Another: ‘[My brother] has a bengal cat & expensive tastes, likes everything to be delivered. Considering a cashmere scarf but limited budget.”

Gift options are varying from the My Burberry fragrance to accessories, outwerwear and more.

There are currently more uses of the hashtag referring to the service than there are requests, but for those submitting them it’s a winning example of personalised service and yet another attempt at encouraging commerce off the back of social. It’s just a shame the Twitter buy button couldn’t be integrated with every tweet suggestion too.