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Twitter encourages retail advertisers ahead of holiday season


Twitter is urging retail brands to build out their advertising strategies on its platform this holiday season in order to capture consumers who “spend early and spend more”.

The social media channel revealed research carried out with DB5 that shows over a third of its users have already begun thinking about their holiday shopping before October, while 24% plan to spend $1,000 or more over the holiday shopping season versus 10% of non-users.

The study also showed over 87% of Twitter users are inclined to impulse buy, compared to 71% of non-users, and highlighted clothing and footwear as the top category for purchase.

Twitter is also relied on to discover gift ideas and special deals, it outlined, with 54% of users saying promotions they learn about on the platform then motivate them to buy. Meanwhile, more than half of them (52%) say they learned about a product they later purchased because of Twitter.

“When we think about our users, there’s a lot that kind of differentiates the mindset from when they’re on other platforms,” JJ Hirschle, Twitter’s director of retail, told BuzzFeed News. “[Because it’s] live and public and conversational, it fuels a kind of passion for discovery on the platform. This notion of it being actually in the moment lends to us being more connected not only outside of the store, but inside the store as well.”

That inside the store bit is also worth noting from the survey; 54% of users say they check Twitter to learn about products when out shopping.

Here are some of the tips from Twitter for retailers this season:

  • Launch your holiday campaign soon to make sure your products command attention: 54% of users said that seeing an advertised offer made them more likely to buy a product
  • When creating your ads, keep in mind that great prices and positive reviews are what users say most influences their likelihood to purchase
  • Don’t forget to make your landing page mobile-friendly: seven out of 10 Twitter users who purchase gifts online have used a mobile device to do so
  • Encourage conversation about your brand when shopping is top of mind, such as on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You might also try a limited time offer
  • According to our research, most Twitter users plan to take advantage of limited time offers they see on the platform this season
  • Once you’ve launched your campaign, monitor results daily to determine which ad content, format and targeting work best, and optimise accordingly
  • Then scale your efforts by encouraging users to Tweet about the gifts they’re buying or have received. Users tell us that recommendations from family and friends matter when considering a purchase

By Rachel Arthur

Rachel Arthur is Editor-in-Chief of Current Daily, the leading news source for fashion, retail and innovation, and the co-host of its weekly Innovators podcast. She otherwise serves as Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Current Global, a transformation consultancy driving growth within fashion luxury and retail. By background she is an award-winning business journalist and consultant, contributing to titles including Wired, Forbes and Business of Fashion.

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