There are two pretty simple rules for wearable tech to be successful in my mind, 1) does it look good, and 2) does it do something the intended user actually cares about. For quite some time, the majority of solutions out there frequently fell down on one of those two points, if not both. Fortunately, that’s beginning to change. As the industry becomes more fragmented, the products getting released are seeming ever more appealing.

Perhaps it’s as simple as the fact that with so many to choose from, there eventually has to be something to like? Either way, three new ones – the Tzukuri unloseable sunglasses (as pictured), Artemis safety-enhancing jewellery, and Ear-O-Smart earrings – could be worth knowing about.

Each of them is a decent statement from a style perspective (not too overpowering in terms of looking like technology being the main thing) and also offer a solution consumers would consider using. We won’t necessarily all be falling over ourselves to purchase them, but we might be more likely to think about them than a watch that alerts us to social media posts, or a bracelet with flashing LED lights.

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