Lacoste has enlisted film artist Zach King to create five “magic” videos to celebrate the re-launch of its digital flagship at

King (@finalcutking) has become known for his use of special effects to create awe-inspiring six second clips. In the past these have included illusions like stealing the Eiffel Tower, turning himself into a dog and walking through walls. Doing so has amassed him two million followers on Vine and 1.4 million on Instagram.

Now in partnership with Lacoste and agency BTEC Digital, he is revealing a series of videos featuring the brand’s collection as well as his co-star puppy (@thekingspuppy, also known as Indiana or Indy). The first clip, released on October 20, sees him drawing the items he wants to wear on a wall before jumping into them. Another sees him using a tablet to online shop, pulling t-shirts straight from the screen and onto his body, as well as that of Indy’s.

Further videos still to be released between now and November 5 suggest a juggling act as well as further appearances of the puppy wearing Lacoste. Each is being revealed on the brand’s Vine and Instagram accounts, where a number of still images of the duo have also been posted.