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Kate Spade pushes interaction once more by converting store’s construction façade


Kate Spade has turned the temporary construction barricades in place while its new store in New Jersey is completed, into an interactive shopping experience.

Rather than simply using the façade as a billboard to advertise its opening date at the Short Hills mall (October 24 for reference), it has introduced inset product displays and five touchscreens, reports Fashionista.

Signage including “Let’s play”, “Shop the space” and “Touch me” directs passersby to approach the screens whereby they can take part in a short quiz to reveal their personality traits as well as style preferences. Doing so results in a ‘personal style statement’ that users can have sent to themselves either by entering their phone number or email address, to then share on social media.

The system also suggests a selection of products based on the results, and offers free next-day shipping accordingly.


The initiative was created in partnership with retail innovation agency, The Science Project, which says the goal was to “create excitement and dialogue with new customers” before the store opens.

Its write-up continues: “We wanted to deliver not only the fanciful customer engagement we love from Kate Spade but also a system that capture crucial data, drove purchase and had lasting value to their retail ecosystem.”

Data will be captured not only in the personal details entered, but in the products interacted with on the screens.

This is not the first time Kate Spade has launched an interactive temporary storefront – it is well-known for its Kate Spade Saturday brand launch in partnership with eBay Now in New York last year, which saw pop-up virtual windows allowing shoppers to purchase directly from what looked like a giant iPad for delivery later that same day.

It also has plans in place to launch a further 35 stores across the US before this year is out, so expect to see more of these interactive barricades throughout.

By Rachel Arthur

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