Diesel Black Gold has announced a wearable tech partnership with Samsung in time for its New York Fashion Week show today at 1pm EST, in doing so becoming the latest in a long line of designers associating themselves with wearables this season.

The brand will reveal a custom line for the Samsung Gear S – the new curved screen smartwatch. In essence the launch is a line of accessories that feature the device. Seen in red, white or black leather cuffs, some of them embellished with studs, they reportedly take their inspiration from the brand’s spring/summer 2015 collection which references “highly stylised New Wave rock stars and tough rockabilly heroines”.

Creative director, Andreas Melbostad said: “I wanted to take the Gear S and inject the DNA of Diesel Black Gold. It has been an inspiring challenge to create a personalized version of this device making it an extension of the person and her individual expression.”

Unfortunately, the result leaves a little to be desired. Like many of the options now out there – including the Tory Burch and Fitbit collaboration, and Intel and Opening Ceremony’s MICA, the product is still a clunky exploration of hardware and not an accessory that fits with the sort of aesthetic the fashion week crowd expect.

Let’s also call a spade a spade. This is a leather band with a clip, not a piece of true wearable tech.

Younghee Lee, EVP of global marketing, IT and mobile division at Samsung, said: “Our partnership with Diesel Black Gold is very crucial as it further showcases the union of fashion and technology, and the way in which wearable devices continue to become more intertwined in daily life.”

I’d agree with that fact, but we’re a long way off fashion and technology truly being seamless bedfellows. Over to you now Apple…

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