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Temperley London, Net-a-Porter and Cinematique team up on shoppable film experience


Shoppable films are still on the rise following the launch of a Levi’s version last week, and now another by Temperley London in partnership with Net-a-Porter.

The UK-based designer has revealed a short film on the e-commerce site referred to as an ‘enchanting summer party’ and titled White Magic. It was shot by Henry Temperley (brother to designer Alice Temperley) in Somerset, England, and features models and muses including Anouck Lepère, Caroline Issa, Jacquetta Wheeler, Jade Parfitt, Laura Bailey and Padma Lakshmi.

As it plays, the viewer is able to click on any items they like the look of to save them into a personal boutique, thanks to technology from US platform Cinematique. The film keeps playing throughout, enabling a continuous, uninterrupted experience.

A small symbol bottom right of the frame shows how many items have been ‘saved’. That can be clicked at any time to enter a right hand slider panel showcasing each piece – the still from the video is shown to help the user recall what they chose, but can then be opened to view full e-commerce shots of the product as well as editor’s comments about it.

Each piece can also be shared over social media, and of course purchased on the Net-a-Porter site. Users can alternatively click on ‘shop the video’ to be redirected to a full gallery of everything featured.



“Our exclusive collaboration with Cinematique came about very organically, during a recent trip to New York,” Temperley told WWD. “The digital, technical and creative vision between all of us worked from the very beginning, and it felt like the perfect collaboration. We’re doing something innovative and groundbreaking, but also really fun.”

Ulrik Garde Due, CEO of Temperley London, added: “The consumer wants authentic storytelling in an innovative and entertaining manner. Thanks to… Cinematique, viewers can emotionally connect with Alice Temperley’s magical world while shopping the film.”

Certain ‘hot spots’ within the film also activate extra content such as details on the party, a history of the house, outtakes and behind-the-scenes imagery (some of which is shown below), shot by the designer’s sister Matilda Temperley. Those assets can likewise be saved and shared via Cinematique,

Importantly, the film works on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.









By Rachel Arthur

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