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Lacoste launches virtual try-on app for new LCST line


Lacoste has introduced a new component to its augmented reality app that allows shoppers to see what they would look like in its range of LCST trainers.

The virtual try-on experience uses in-store POS to trigger interactive 3-D models of each look. The shopper merely places their foot on designated floor graphics in selected retailers, and scans it with their smartphone. From there they can see superimposed models of the entire product line, swiping through from one to the next and exploring the details of each.

They can also purchase directly through the app, as well as share their images via social media.

“Augmented reality offers retailers a new way of delivering immersive digital experiences in the real world,” says Matt Key, managing director of digital innovations agency, Engine Creative, which is behind the project.

“The LCST app uses AR to provide shoppers an easy way of checking out the new trainer range without having to wait for a shop assistant or take the time to take off their old shoes. It’s perfect for the young target audience and can be used in Lacoste stores as well as in concessions to differentiate LCST from other brands.”

The app otherwise enables users to scan images of the Lacoste crocodile pin wherever they might be to activate a world of digital content.

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By Rachel Arthur

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