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CK One focuses on Snapchat and Tumblr with racy #ckmeforme anniversary campaign


Calvin Klein is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its unisex CK One fragrance with a new campaign being pushed out via Snapchat and Tumblr.

Aiming to “capture the relevance of the brand for a new generation”, the initiative showcases a range of models, artists and musicians seemingly taking selfies – posing for the camera while they roll around on the bed, take a bath, make-out, and do all those other things youth do in front of their iPhones today.

“The new ck one advertising campaign illustrates the modern practice of using digital identities to connect with others and to convey individuality,” reads the write-up. That idea of embracing digital culture was a key message from Calvin Klein CCO Melisa Goldie when speaking at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity earlier this month. “The dawn of the digital age means culture is more relevant [for brands] than ever before. You have to look at culture through a digital lens, then decide which changes are meaningful for you and which ones can help you shape and grow,” she said.

On this occasion, the brand has released both a print campaign and a video (as below) shot by Mario Sorrenti, as well as additional content of the cast at the shoot aggregated under the #ckmeforme hashtag on the aforementioned platforms.

The talent includes singer/songwriter Dev Hynes and his girlfriend, singer Samantha Urbani; sister musicians Say Lou Lou; electro-pop singer Kelela; electronic artist and producer Evian Christ; Korean pop star Taeyang; singer and actress Soko; artist Ally Marzella; fashion photographer Michael Bailey Gates; photographer and fashion designer Petra Collins; and models Edie Campbell, Stephan James, Chuck, Ali Michael, Jing Wen, Justin Gerard, Lucky Blue, Maggie Laine, Marcel Castenmiller and Victor Correia. The TV spot also features an exclusive demo produced by electronic artist and producer Evian Christ.

The campaign was produced under the direction of Calvin Klein’s in-house ad agency and Mother New York.

By Rachel Arthur

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