The coverage of Net-a-Porter founder Natalie Massanet’s talk at last weekend’s Vogue Festival might have been largely focused on her juggling motherhood and business, but for those that didn’t spot it, one of the most interesting things about her delivery was its accompanying digital component.

Massenet used Instagram – a platform she’s already very familiar with – to share images from her life. A digital autobiography if you will at nataporter_mystorysofar. It features over 120 shots, some of them photographs of her past, others quotes or captions, as well as titles marking off the chapters of her career. Each one is accompanied by a caption that explains its significance.

As Susie Bubble wrote: “It recounts her life, from her early years to studying at UCLA, to dabbling in modelling, film production and then moving into fashion journalism at WWD and Tatler to finally starting up Net-a-Porter in 2000.”

Do check it out here – it sparks some beautiful ideas on the way brands could have a little fun with the platform too.  As Bubble says: “You can’t peruse this Instagram autobiography and NOT be inspired and motivated to do something, anything.”