Swarovski invites users to interact with augmented reality Facebook app


Swarovski has launched a Facebook application that employs augmented reality to film users wearing its sunglasses line.

The Be Amazing campaign invites fans to record a 15-second dance video of themselves in the virtual eyewear and then add music and a sparkle filter to their finished product.

The app enables sharing via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Creators of the top 15 in terms of likes or views, will then win a pair of the sunglasses.

Unfortunately, the above spot explaining the process highlights (quite amusingly) all the technical issues with such an app: eyes have to face the camera at all times, nothing can obstruct the view and users can’t step too far away – all slightly challenging when inviting people to dance.

The shared videos will also appear on an interactive map created by Swarovski – not dissimilar to Tiffany & Co’s Love is Everywhere initiative – detailing where each of the uploads have come from around the world. As below:

Swarovski’s ‘The Amazing Map’