The Super Bowl’s stylish digital spin, featuring H&M, Madonna and Vogue [PICS]

No surprise to hear that last night’s Super Bowl XLVI hit an all-time record on Twitter in the sports event category. The ‘Social Super Bowl’, as it was readily dubbed, hit an average of 10,000 tweets per second during the last three minutes of the game.

But there were two other digital aspects to the game that I loved, no less because they’re related to the fashion industry…

First up, is all about H&M. As we already know, the Swedish retailer aired its new David Beckham Bodywear ad during the second quarter, which inevitably proved a key conversation point in the social space (it’d be interesting to break those Twitter stats up minute by minute not to mention demographically).

But, the company also very cleverly paid attention to what else might hit a high in terms of chatter, and of course came up with Madonna’s halftime show. Consequently the trending topic for #Madonna was sponsored by H&M. Genius:

(Image via @AmyJoMartin)

The second great thing, of course, was the digital stage set accompanying Givenchy-clad Madonna, and its subsequent shout out to Vogue.

The interactive installation was designed by Canadian multimedia studio, Moment Factory. Here’s a closer look:

By Rachel Arthur

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