H&M on Google+

So we all know Google+ launched its brand pages this week. And we all know there’s a ton of commentary flying around as to whether companies should actually get involved or not.

But while we’ve been talking about it; others have been doing it, the fashion industry included.

According to Google’s blogpost announcing ‘Pages’ officially, Burberry, H&M and Macy’s were the first fashion partners.

In little over 24 hours however, numerous more have jumped on board. It’s a case of the usual suspects, and many of them don’t have any content on as yet, but here’s a list of some of them so far in anycase:

Be sure to note how dynamic the Burberry and Kate Spade pages look with the animated gifs they’ve added, and check out the pictures below for some of the first posts:

Burberry's Christopher Bailey gave a video introduction to Google+ (click to watch)
ASOS jokes about how quiet things are on Google+
Macy's introduces its new Google+ page
Kate Spade uploads a new profile picture to its Google+ page
Uniqlo welcomes everyone to its new Google+ page


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