Uniqlo has launched another great interactive experience, this time enabling users to explore the retailer’s new line of functional apparel via video and motion graphics.

Developed by Tha Ltd Japan, the “Innovation Project”, as it’s called, is an example of online product demonstration at its best.

On entering the sub-site, users are first provided with an explanation of the collection concept – “clothing with revolutionary functions and universal designs” – as well as an in-depth write-up on all of the functional properties alongside their corresponding symbol .

Each piece in the collection is then illustrated with a model on a virtual catwalk. As she or he walks, symbols, icons and explanations appear alongside to indicate the fabric and properties of the garment.

Users are able to click through each look one at a time, or see the group together in an indexed overview. Beyond the moving catwalk, models are shown in a series of rolling animated images revealing other features of the product including fit and design details.

The line hit stores on October 14.

More pics below: