Macy’s has teamed up with tech start-up True Fit to offer a sizing service for consumers shopping online for jeans.

The “Denim Finder” asks users to complete a three-step profile including selecting which brands and sizes fit them best, their overall shape and their height and weight. “We don’t ask you to measure yourself,” says True Fit CEO Bill Adler. “We don’t care what you think your measures are or what size you think you are. That’s a measurement that’s fraught with error.”

The results show consumers a five-point scale of how suitable an item is for their shape, and recommends a size.

Long-term True Fit’s aim is to partner with more retailers meaning users can have one profile across multiple sites.

Read the full story over at Mashable.

I’ll be interested to see how this plays out; the space between the physical fitting room and e-commerce being the ultimate one to conquer for online retailers. There have been lots more murmurs surrounding this over the past few months too – undoubtedly more news to follow.