I was one of those 250,000 or so people to sign up for a sample of the all-new Burberry Body fragrance, as first introduced by chief creative officer Christopher Bailey via YouTube (as below).

Even after reading this FT story, saying it would be “expensively packaged”, I still wasn’t expecting very much, so I was wonderfully surprised when what arrived was as beautifully done as the above picture demonstrates.

Included was a miniature (4.5ml) version of the new bottle design, and a postcard featuring model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley alongside the words “Thank you for being a Burberry Facebook fan”. It also encourages those on Twitter to share with “#Body” written simply underneath.

Expensive would be the right word, but then doing so took a significant portion of the brand’s anonymous online fans and gave them an identity. One complete with full address. Very clever.

According to the FT, the promotion also boosted the number of Burberry fans on the social networking site by 500,000 in just a week to over 8m.

Burberry now dedicates over 60% of its annual marketing budget to digital media – more than three times the market average.