MAC Cosmetics is paying its fans “the ultimate compliment” by making six of them the face of its new three-part autumn colour collection.

The result of its MAC Me Over! online casting call launched in November 2010, the five females and one male were chosen by the brand’s senior vice president and creative director, James Gager, because they “best expressed the MAC Me Over! motto – style, heart and soul”.

To win they had to send in either a photo or a video of themselves as well as complete the sentence “MAC Me Over! because…”

Gager said: “We have a huge fan base that we respect and cherish, so we are always thinking about the ways we can keep engaging them in fresh and interesting new ways, and of course more than ever that pertains to the digital space. We think of our fans first and foremost. I think especially for this collection, this was a way to say, ‘We admire you so much that we want you to be the new face of MAC’. That’s kind of the ultimate compliment, right?”

The collection launches in September 2011. Check out the exclusive video from behind-the-scenes of the shoot, below: