Louis Vuitton recently released a video featuring artistic director Marc Jacobs explaining the concept behind its autumn/winter 2011/12 ad campaign featuring models Zuzanna Bijoch, Daphne Groeneveld, Gertrud Hegelund, Nyasha Matonhodze, Anaïs Pouliot, Fei Fei Sun, and of course, those dogs.

“Steven Meisel and I met and decided we would do this wonderful story of beautiful vintage cars, little dogs and fresh-faced young women,” he says.

“It’s a very classic scenario, and of course it suggests travel and is definitely luxurious, but I think we gave it a fresh, modern and sometimes a little bit naughty, tongue-in-cheek spin.”

Each of the nine stills that resulted for the season are shown in detail. “Wherever she’s going, she’s dressed in style this season by Louis Vuitton,” Jacobs concludes.