Formichetti on Mugler’s digital future

Mugler's backstage live stream

There’s a great piece in WWD today that starts with the line: “Nicola Formichetti firmly believes the future of Mugler lies in the digital world.”

Based on an interview with stylist-turned-creative-director Formichetti, it discusses how the 37-year-old brand is making waves online, achieving over 115m impressions of its March 2 live-streamed show in just a week.

“My job was to resurrect the brand, and to pump it up and bring it to the new decade,” he says. “I had this amazing history and archive but there was nothing for me to work with to make it contemporary. For me, it was taking those amazing historical ideas and transforming them digitally. I design digitally, I communicate digitally, and I live digitally, and I wanted to incorporate that into the brand.”

Of course, having Lady Gaga and her 9.2m Twitter followers on board doesn’t hurt. “Normally, you wouldn’t put pop music in a fashion show,” Formichetti adds, “but it fits with the idea of the new Mugler world — the pop and the high fashion, the real world and the digital mixed with this fantasy world.”

Read the full story, here: Mugler’s Digital World

By Rachel Arthur

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What Formichetti has done for Mugler is incredible. The man is creative, smart and a genuinely down to earth person. However, I think that the Gaga collaboration requires further credit in this piece – in particular when it comes to a number game.

The success of Mugler in numbers this season is 100% down to Gaga – there is no doubt about it. All subsequent coverage (including fashion trade press) referenced and lead with the collaboration. It could have been any brand. The power of Gaga and the exclusive nature of the pop tracks released and showcased harnessed these numbers – so although I think that the WWD feature is great and the channels that Mugler used to promote were spot on (speaking digitally), I strongly believe that the numbers wouldn’t have been any different from any other “digital fashion show” for a cult brand, were Gaga not involved.

A very fair point. I’m sure the brand would argue back on the 100% aspect, but there’s no denying the role Gaga played was enormous. I do however think the fact it was a (re)launch not to mention the first with Formichetti at the helm would have made it quite successful against others nonetheless. It’s the following seasons therefore that are perhaps more to watch.

Bieber and Dolce & Gabbana in the meantime…

100% is probably too strong, agreed. However, I strongly believe that the statistics provided would be reduced by over 90% had Gaga not been involved. The following seasons are definitely ones to watch.

I am not commenting on Bieber and Dolce at present, I may warm to this!

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