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Marc Jacobs hunts social media guru through Twitter

Twitter being used as a recruitment tool is not an unusual practice, but Marc Jacobs (@MarcJacobsIntl) creating a 140-character application process for a role as its new head of social media, quite possibly is.

Here’s the tweet that kickstarted it off earlier this week:

Later posts said they were looking for someone who could: “Be clever. Smart. Understand our DNA. Say it in one tweet.”

A background in fashion is not essential, according to the feed, which explained that the brand’s CEO Robert Duffy prefers to think outside the box and usually opts for those without in any case.

Potential candidates will be flown to New York for interview – apparently there have been two unsuccessful so far – while the individual finally selected will also be relocated to the city for the post.

It pays well, has health insurance and a generous clothing allowance. So far as I can tell, it hasn’t yet been filled either…

By Rachel Arthur

Rachel Arthur is Editor-in-Chief of Current Daily, the leading news source for fashion, retail and innovation, and the co-host of its weekly Innovators podcast. She otherwise serves as Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Current Global, a transformation consultancy driving growth within fashion luxury and retail. By background she is an award-winning business journalist and consultant, contributing to titles including Wired, Forbes and Business of Fashion.

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