Before I go any further, I want to quickly highlight the event that finally made me realise it was time to put some of my everyday efforts into creating this blog.

The video above is it.

Filmed in November, it’s of Ralph Lauren hosting what it called “a 4-D spectacle, a sensory experience and the ultimate collision of fashion, art and technology” to celebrate its 10 years of digital innovation in the US and the launch of its new e-commerce site in the UK.

What it actually is is a technique known as architectural mapping used to superimpose a lightshow on the outside of the brand’s store.

The term “ultimate collision” might be a little over the top, but the event on the whole, certainly served well for me. What also kickstarted me however, was the fact that YouTube video – the first I’ve ever uploaded – got over 17,000 views.

It was up before any of the official Ralph Lauren ones so that certainly helped – in fact, a colleague passed it on to a friend in the RL team and their whole office reportedly watched it too. Incredible how these things travel.

You can read my full blog post about the event, written on the day, here.